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As the environments developed in console games become ever more intricate and complex, the interface design we create needs to meet these demands in a sophisticated and intelligent manner. Reflecting these challenges, Sprung Studios has been involved in producing thoughtful  and imaginative system design into games for Xbox, Playstation and Steam platforms.

We are specialists in the creation of flows and wireframes. Our process begins with exploring the layout and functionality of each game. From this we develop the UI design concepts and animations that give all our games a distinctive look and feel.

In addition, we help you to integrate our interfaces into your build using Unity, Unreal or Scaleform engines.

Rare Replay UX/UI Design

  • Lichdom Battlemage by Xaviant
  • Just Cause 3 by Square Enix
  • Halo Wars 2 by 343industries
  • Moving Hazard by Psyops
  • Velocity 2x by Futurlab
  • Rare Replay by Rare


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When it comes to interactive prototypes, we believe that every interface design we’ve created needs relevant and thorough testing. A simple click through falls far short of this.

To meet this challenge, we have developed a bespoke platform that equips us with the facility to test our interface design in an authentic way. We want to see how animated elements respond within the gameplay and assess how they behave with a real controller. We use the software to test new ideas and to check whether button patterns make sense.

One of the best features of our interactive prototypes is how they can be shared easily with our clients and sent for user testing when required.

Halo Wars 2 by 343i
Halo Wars UX/UI design
Halo Wars UX/UI design
Halo Wars UX/UI design
Halo Wars UX/UI design
Halo Wars UX/UI design

343i/creative assembly halo wars 2

We worked closely with both Creative Assembly and 343i to create flows, wireframes and a visual style. The key was to honour what had come before, not just in the first Halo Wars game, but also the previous Halo titles. We loved working on an IP that we all enjoy and were thrilled to see the reaction that it received from the fans.

Rare Replay by Rare

"Backed up by the UI specialists at Sprung Studios, Rare's crusading art team cracked its collective knuckles and forged ahead"

- The Making of Rare Replay
Rare Replay UX/UI Design
Rare Replay Challenges
Rare Replay Viva Pinata Stage
Rare Replay Battletoads Stage
Rare Replay Snapshots Gallery

rare rare replay

As gamers, we have a special place in our hearts for Rare. The chance to work on a collection of their games from the past 30 years was an opportunity we relished. We created flows, wireframes and helped to extend the visual style. We provided all the animations in Scaleform for implementation and we were thrilled with the result.

Velocity 2X

"Sprung designed the perfect solution that was both simple and elegant. If you want to treat your players well, give sprung a call."

- James Marsden, Futurlab
Velocity 2X results
Velocity 2X HUD
Velocity 2X Controls
Velocity 2X Tips
Velocity 2X Artwork


Futurlab are famous for creating hard-core addictive arcade experiences and their reputation increased further when they created the sequel to Velocity. We provided support for the entire interface taking into account both touch screen (PS Vita) and controller based (PS4) and a visual style which was developed through to the logo design.

LIchdom Battlemage by Xaviant

"The experts at Sprung Studios took the intricate game design of lichdom battlemage and translated it into a user interface that's accessible and engaging for players."

- Josh Van Veld, Xaviant
Lichdom Battlemage Sythesis
Lichdom Battlemage Equip
Lichdom Battlemage Main Menu 2
Lichdom Battlemage Main Menu
Lichdom Battlemage Equip 2


Xaviant asked us to look at the menu system of Lichdom Battleimage. In one of the more unusual briefs we have received, the visuals they had in mind were Leonardo Da Vinci’s notebooks meets Iron Man’s HUD. We helped to create a complex, yet intuitive system that would work with both keyboard/mouse or controller.