Sprung Studios Brighton


Who We Are

We are a UK-based company specialising in UX/UI design for mobile and console games. From our central Brighton location we work with some of the biggest names in the games industry. We love what we do.


Sprung Studios was established in 2005 by James Chaytor, delivering intuitive and beautiful interface design for emerging mobile applications. As mobile usage increased and the smartphone became indispensable, our growing expertise within the mobile market proved invaluable. In addition, we created some of the first UI design seen on tablet and have continued to produce cross-platform designs for mobile, tablet, web and TV.

Our passion for great design and our love of gaming came together in 2011 when we created the UX/UI design for CSR Racing. The game was featured at the Apple Keynote gaining huge popularity and becoming the highest grossing game on the iOS platform.

With the rise in mobile gaming over the last few years, games companies such as EA Games, Ubisoft, Natural Motion, Hasbro and Microsoft Studios have sought our skills. Our work has become internationally recognised and we have given talks on the subject of UX and UI across the world.


We are a team of highly skilled artists and experienced creatives working closely together to produce beautiful UX/UI solutions.

We are always on the lookout for people that have excellent Adobe skills, are interested in emerging platforms and have a passion for games. If you are able to produce high quality, fresh designs and can communicate effectively with clients, then we would love to hear from you at: